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Armando "Mando" del Castillo is a bilingual gay writer originally from Mexico. In 2024, he was a quarterfinalist in Roadmap's Podcasting Competition. In 2023, he won Best Comedy TV Pilot at the Filmarket Hub writing competition and was a semi-finalist in Roadmap Writers’ Escribe Bien Spanish competition.

Drawing from his immigrant experience in the United States, Mando’s writing explores the challenges of finding one's place, bringing people of different backgrounds together, and embracing self-acceptance as a gay man.






He has written, directed, starred, and produced several films, including "Christmas Coming Out," a heartwarming comedy where a childhood toy soldier magically springs to life to help a gay man share his authentic self with his parents. “Bayou Ghost Story,” a supernatural mystery about a Louisiana family cursed by evil forces, and "The Nymph,” a horror comedy about a mythological creature's unwavering determination to remain in the human world at any cost.








Mando is a prolific writer-director-actor-producer with films available on Prime Video, Tubi, and The Roku Channel. Armando is also the founder and CEO of the subscription streaming service GayBingeTV, where he develops, produces, and showcases his original content.




Armando recently completed the UCLA Program in Writing for Television. Beyond his career, Mando also has a passion for CrossFit, but he won’t annoy you about it.

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